Monday, 25 April 2016

Jumping back in and learning all about Surface Pattern Design

Hi Everyone,
I'm Alison, the illustrator and designer behind Milly Dee designs. A Work in Progress is my journey back into the commercial world of illustration. I want to share this journey as I learn pattern design and illustration, and everything I need to know about developing my online business.  As well as my personal insights, I'll add lots links to tips and resources I have found/find helpful.

About Me
I have been creating doodles, sketches and illustrations, for a long time now. I love creating art, and have sold my creations in many different forms, digital portraits, digital stamps and clip art, and digital scrapbook kits, as well as handcrafted cards, salt-dough sculpting, and more.

I had to take a break from online selling  a couple of years ago, but now feel I have the energy, drive and commitment to return to the marketplace.

Nurturing my mojo and updating skills
Two years is a long break from digital and analogue designing; designs evolve and products change to suit the latest trends and fashions. I needed some serious updating.
I decided to take some short courses on design and illustration on skillshare  and discovered Laura Coyle's Illustratoring which has lots of free, designer-focused, Adobe Illustrator courses.
I also tuned in to Creative Live tutorial workshops. I enrolled in  Bonnie Christine's Surface Pattern Design course there, and was luck enough to catch the free live record. 

Peers Groups and the Design Community
Working freelance, as a designer online, need not be a lonely occupation, I loved being part of the vibrant and fun Digital Scrapbooking community  during my time as a Digital Scrapbook Designer. As well as making lots of friends, I had the help and support of fellow Designers and Scrapbook Artists and learned the craft through in-house tutorials.
Facebook has a host of Art and Design support groups, which offer a place to meet with fellow Creatives. It is also a place for sharing links and tips and advice, and  supporting each other.  
I found Make it in Design Summer School through a group link. This short course gives you a taster of their Design Modules and opportunity to join lots of other surface pattern designers in the challenges.  I enrolled and have been working through Make it in Design Module 1